iSee Video

Order now and get 3 months surveillance security system monitoring free - a $120 value!

Provide the best care and give pet owners peace of mind with iSee Video.

Veterinarians can now check-in on animals in their care while they’re away, thanks to Napco’s new iSeeVideo surveillance system. View your client’s pets 24/7 and make sure they are properly cared for by your technicians and/or staff. Whether you own a veterinary clinic, shelter, equestrian center, farm or zoo, you too can take advantage of our powerful security solution. Check up on your staff to ensure the quality of their work and the treatment of your client’s animals. With our intelligent iSeeVideo security solution, you can also reap the benefits of revenue by charging your client’s to view their pets while they are being housed at your facilities.

  • Monitor surgeries and isolation wards
  • Check when and how often a pet in your care is eating.
  • Allow your customers live video monitoring of their pets, as well as notification whenever the
  • door to their kennel is opened.
  • Monitor pets about to deliver to determine when prompt care is needed.

Protect horses and riders, and give owners 24/7 viewing capabilies.

Equestrian stables will find iSee Video an effective and affordable solution to monitoring horses housed in your care, as well as offering owners the opportunity to view their animals anytime, even from abroad.

  • You or the horse’s owner can receive notification whenever the stall door is opened.
  • Compatible with infrared cameras for live video at night.
  • Allow your customers to monitor feeding and veterinarian care.
  • Lets the horse’s owner verify that grooming has been done and the stall is kept clean.
  • Monitor foaling boxes, quarantine areas and exercise equipment.
  • Install cameras in tack rooms as well as individual stalls to discourage theft.
  • Cameras work outdoors as well, to monitor horse and rider in the ring, as well as in grooming areas.
  • Allow friends and relatives to look-in on children during lessons or riding sessions.

Let iSeeVideo give you and your client’s peace of mind. All you need is a web-enabled cell phone, blackberry, or PC. iSeeVideo is so simple that no computer is required at your business, no software to load, only a cable or DSL modem. iSeeVideo works with any standard video camera. Scan your cameras from anywhere in the world and archive date-/time-stamped snap-shots for later reference or retrieval. This exceptionally affordable equipment works in just seconds.

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