iSee Video

Order internet video surveillance now and get 3 months monitoring free - a $120 value!

Get the security that provides peace of mind with iSee Video.

To maximize the success of your business, you need to be on top of things at every moment. But how do you keep an eye on your business when you can’t be everywhere at once?

Trust iSeeVideo. This revolutionary remote system lets you view live video of what’s happening in your business – anytime, anywhere – so that you always have the peace of mind of knowing what’s going on.

All you need is a PC or web-ready cell phone.

With iSeeVideo, all you need is your PC or a web-ready cell phone, tolook-in over the Internet anytime you like. Don’t have time to watch live? Archive your video and review it anytime.

Employee video surveillance is a must in any business with tight margins. Of course, it’s good to monitor for shoplifting or break-ins but employee theft can mean a big drop in profits. Now with iSee Video you put a stop to minor problems before they affect your bottom line, because you can see for yourself what’s happening in your operation when you’re away. When you turn on your camera video surveillance, employees are more likely to give you their very best, and that can be good for everyone in your business.

A professional system installed by professionals

iSee Video is a system you can rely on. Video is time and date stamped, essential for use as evidence and to keep tabs on what happened and when. Self-installed systems rely on cheap sensors and cameras, which often fail, are a frequent cause of false alarms and have poor video quality. With iSee Video you can use any camera, so you have the right camera for the application, and high quality sensors ensure reliability. The top selling wireless cameras on the market today are easily hacked, resulting in privacy and security nightmares. With iSee Video, your video is secured, with security verified by VeriSign.

Video is time and date stamped, essential for use as evidence.

Video security often reduces crime just by the presence of cameras, and customers and employees alike appreciate a safe environment.

Alarm system integration

  • Verify alarms with video of the event.
  • Confirm proper use of your lock box, drop box or safe.
  • Store recorded video and/or receive email notifications when someone opens a sensitive door or cabinet, securing items like drugs or client and patient records.
  • Video guard tours, live or scheduled. If the room is dark you can even turn on the lights.

Watch the savings mount

  • Retrofits with any existing cameras.
  • No dedicated phone or computer line needed.
  • Generous 50mb storage with more available as you need it.
  • Save time and travel expense retrieving and reviewing VHS surveillance tapes.




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