Business Video Surveillance

Commercial Video Surveillance

Cause for alarm?

iSee Video integrated with your security system can minimize the effect of false alarms from commercial video surveillance and catch an intruder in the act. Every time there's an alarm at any of your locations, you'll automatically receive an email with video of the event with business video surveillance. This way you’ll know immediately if it’s a false alarm. Better yet, you just may have footage of the intruder who targeted your business if the alarm is real.

iSee Video integrates with nearly any security system, so you can even have video emailed to you of specific events such as openings and closings, shipments and deliveries, or anything else of importance to you. Know about sudden changes in temperatures – when the refrigeration system is down before you lose your perishable items. Know about power failures and water leaks even when nobody is there, so you have time to fix the problem before your doors open to customers.

  • Virtual guard tours: Have video of your premises emailed to you on a schedule, or simply look-in live whenever you like, day or night. With integration provided by your security system, you can even turn on the lights and check the lock status of your doors.
  • Confirm proper use of your lock box, drop box or safe. Store video of each time these items are opened or accessed.
  • Store recorded video and/or receive email notifications when someone opens a sensitive door or cabinet, securing items like drugs or client and patient records.
  • Utilize moisture and/or temperature detectors to monitor essential systems, and when alerted, view dials, gauges and setting via video.
  • Receive notification when your premises is locked up for the evening, and view video of the closing to ensure you are truly secure.
  • Know what’s going on as soon as there’s an alert thanks to panic buttons under the counter or contact switches on your lock box or safe, and iSee Video, know what's going as soon as there is an alert. Video is time and date stamped, essential for use as evidence.
  • And more!

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