CCTV Security System

How to Integrate the iSee Video Option with Your Commercial Security System

The iSee Video software is one of the latest ways to keep your business on track. Whether you are in the back office or hanging out at home, adding iSee Video software to your pre-existing commercial security system and camera set-up can help you monitor your business, monitor your traffic from customers, and monitor your employees. Even if you do not believe that your employees would steal from you, the iSee Video software helps you track when openings and closings, delivery schedules, and much more. To integrate the iSee Video with your existing commercial security system, you can have a professional installation to ensure that everything is working correctly. Then, you are ready to access the video from your computer or your cell phone, provided is has web-access capabilities. In addition to watching live, you can also archive the video and review it at a later date and time.


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